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Yes, our Mother Gnanamma, the founder of the Society of Sister of St.Anne, Chennai, hailed from an isolated village Phirangipuram,Guntur District. Nothing Special in her birth but great was her vocation. It was the spirit of Mother Gnanamma to read the Bible and to understand her vocation in a different angle from that of others. She determined not to be a mother as one of the innumerable mothers of these innumerable mundane mothers. She wanted to be one of her kind reflecting the only attribute of God, the Great compassioner.

She rose as a glorious Phenomenon. She was an instrument in the hands of God and of His church to revolutionize the womanhood of this age. As a young widow she moved to kilacheri, near Chennai to start her humble and simple revolution to achieve her ever growing mission of educating young girls of this country.

She started to look at the girls around her with compassion.The pathetic and miserable condition of the girls were gloomy and uncertain. Our Mother alone dared and cared for the isolated and the deserted girls of our society, but it is imperative to stress here that her compassion was unique and special and she chose the temple of education as her means to give the poor girls an empowerment and a status in life and in society.

Driving the inspiration from the life and spirit of foundress Mother Gnanamma, the Society of Sister of St.Anne Chennai, stands for this compassion, suffering with the suffering , traveling along with the poor, showing the way, living the way throughout their journey. The society of sister of St.Anne Chennai chose the locality namely Varadarajanpet a remote place in Ariyalur Dt. to start a college for women.